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It's a true ho-liday over here, Openers!

03/03 was the first time I showed Open to It Episodes 1 - 3 to friends and family. And so much has happened in a year.

For starters, I am thrilled to announce that I will be screening Episode 4, aka the first episode of TV I have ever directed, at Wicked Queer: Boston's LGBTQ+ Film Festival, where we debuted Episode 1, and won our first award, last year.

We will also be screening the first episode at a fun local event at our favorite local spot: Planet Queer night at Akbar, on Monday, 03/20.

Only a few more weeks until we have Episodes 7 - 9 fully edited! We'll be premiering those episodes later in the year, after Episodes 4 - 6.

Episodes 1 - 3 have now racked up over 50k views on YouTube and Vimeo! We're thriving across platforms.

Finally, we were invited to celebrate LGBTQIA+ people and performances at the Queerties this week. It was a joy to be included, and to honor our queer peers.

Till next month, our friends. Thank you for always being so supportive and kind.


Cam & Greg

Hi Openers,

Fun start to the year for the OTI team! We have now logged over 25k views on Episodes 1 - 3 of the show on Vimeo and YouTube. Thank you so, so much for all your support! We also have partially finished cuts of episodes 7 - 9, onto which we’re now putting all the bells and whistles. Those should be out later on this year, along with, of course, episodes 4 - 6.

I recorded an episode of the Double Teamed podcast, a hilarious show about sex and relationships hosted by two identical twin sisters, which you can find here:

I also now have a TikTok account! Follow me @frank.arthur.smith (also the handle for my Instagram)

Finally, I’ll be recording another podcast, Making a Martini, this weekend, as well as Multiamory, on, appropriately enough, Valentine’s Day.

May you, your friends, and your lovers find great comfort and companionship this holiday season.


Cam & Greg

Happy New Queer, Openers!

We know this newsletter is a week late, but that’s Queer People Time for you.

Here’s what’s been happening lately. I published an op-ed in the Gay & Lesbian review, about the spectrum of sexuality, and how people can surprisingly find themselves in the middle:

We also have first cuts of episodes 7 - 9 that we’re working on, to show you all later this year!

We’ve reached over 100k views on the trailer on Instagram and Twitter, and over 10k views on the show on Vimeo and YouTube.

I’m recording interviews with beloved sex and relationship podcasts Double Teamed and Multiamory later this month!

Last, some of you have been asking how to watch Episode 3, “Open to Break-Up Sex,” so here’s a direct link:

Please share! A portion of the proceeds go to the Trans Latina Coalition charity. And you know how much all of us here love giving…


Cam & Greg

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