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Happy Valentine's Gay!

Hi Openers,

Fun start to the year for the OTI team! We have now logged over 25k views on Episodes 1 - 3 of the show on Vimeo and YouTube. Thank you so, so much for all your support! We also have partially finished cuts of episodes 7 - 9, onto which we’re now putting all the bells and whistles. Those should be out later on this year, along with, of course, episodes 4 - 6.

I recorded an episode of the Double Teamed podcast, a hilarious show about sex and relationships hosted by two identical twin sisters, which you can find here:

I also now have a TikTok account! Follow me @frank.arthur.smith (also the handle for my Instagram)

Finally, I’ll be recording another podcast, Making a Martini, this weekend, as well as Multiamory, on, appropriately enough, Valentine’s Day.

May you, your friends, and your lovers find great comfort and companionship this holiday season.


Cam & Greg

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