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Happy COCKtober, Openers!

Proud to share some exciting queer triumphs with you on this, National Mean Girls Day. The show won its first Special Jury Prize at a festival! Jason Caceres won the award for Best Performance at the inaugural Gay Binge Film Festival.

Episodes 1, 2 and 3 of the show will be available on their site for two more days - - before appearing online a few weeks later, as a part of our next film festival selection, ImageOut Rochester: The Rochester LGBT Film & Video Festival.

Last, we’re having a special friends and family screening this Wednesday at 7:30PM as part of the Glendale International Film Festival! Please come if you’re in Los Angeles.

That’s it for now, folx! Enjoy this spooky scary Halloween: the most sacred of gay holidays!


Cam & Greg

Openers! Very productive month over at OTI HQ.

We are almost all done editing Episodes 4 - 6! The show also advanced to the Semifinals of the ScreenCraft Film Fund. We were selected for the Gay Binge Film Festival, meaning Episodes 1 - 3 will be available online from 09/20 to 10/05! We’ll be sure to post a link on the main page.

Last, I recorded a podcast, Falling Out LGBTQ, which will be out later this week.

Hope you had a Happy Labor Day, with very little labor, but plenty of werq ;)


Cam & Greg

Frank Smith4:47 PM (1 hour ago) to me

Openers! What an utterly wonderful July we had. First off, the Outfest screening went so well. Lots of laughs, and kind words. So well-received were we, that we received both a virtual and in-person encore screening! The show also advanced to the Quarterfinals of the ScreenCraft Film Fund, as well as receiving an Honorable Mention in the London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival. Last, there’s been some really nice press written about the show lately! I’ll be doing an interview with Stage 5 Magazine, and already had pieces published in the #1 gay lifestyle and entertainment journal, Instinct Magazine ( ). We also received a very kind review of out Outfest screening in the But Why Tho Podcast Review ( ) All for now, and one for all! Xoxo Cam & Greg

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