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Openers! Very productive month over at OTI HQ.

We are almost all done editing Episodes 4 - 6! The show also advanced to the Semifinals of the ScreenCraft Film Fund. We were selected for the Gay Binge Film Festival, meaning Episodes 1 - 3 will be available online from 09/20 to 10/05! We’ll be sure to post a link on the main page.

Last, I recorded a podcast, Falling Out LGBTQ, which will be out later this week.

Hope you had a Happy Labor Day, with very little labor, but plenty of werq ;)


Cam & Greg

Frank Smith4:47 PM (1 hour ago) to me

Openers! What an utterly wonderful July we had. First off, the Outfest screening went so well. Lots of laughs, and kind words. So well-received were we, that we received both a virtual and in-person encore screening! The show also advanced to the Quarterfinals of the ScreenCraft Film Fund, as well as receiving an Honorable Mention in the London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival. Last, there’s been some really nice press written about the show lately! I’ll be doing an interview with Stage 5 Magazine, and already had pieces published in the #1 gay lifestyle and entertainment journal, Instinct Magazine ( ). We also received a very kind review of out Outfest screening in the But Why Tho Podcast Review ( ) All for now, and one for all! Xoxo Cam & Greg

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As promised, a very special Pride announcement. Open to It Episodes One and Two will be having their US premiere at Outfest, the biggest LGBTQIA Film Festival in the world!

We're playing in the shorts program: Fellas That Were In the Mood.

On Monday, July 18th at 9:30PM.

Tickets are now available on the main page of the website.

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