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3 + 3 = 6, so the delay this month kinda makes sense? Maybe? Whatever. Being late is queer culture. Get into it!

Lots to share, Openers! God is good to the gays. We were invited to be the opening film of Rio LGBTQIA+ Festival. “Come to Brazil” indeed! We were also selected to be the closing show of qFlix Philadelphia Hybrid Film Festival.

I’ll be interviewing with Instinct Magazine soon about the show, and already spoke with OutFront Magazine. That interview will be out soon, but you can read a piece from me in Authority Magazine here:

Thanks to the generosity of Camp TV, we presented the show at RuPaul's DragCon! We had a wonderful time sharing the show with our queer peers, and were also able to introduce the wonderful Manila Luzon into Episode 5 after a lovely meeting.

New Filmmakers Los Angeles is Saturday, June 18th. You can still buy tickets on the main page of our website! Finally, expect to hear from us again later this month, for a very special Pride announcement. Love and kisses!


Cam & Greg

And as for yesterday: may the fourths (or thirds) be with you

Incredibly exciting news this month! Wicked Queer was a smashing success. Childhood friends, reluctant family, and enthusiastic fans packed the Brattle Theater to watch the World Premiere of OPEN TO IT Episode 1: “Open to Threesomes.” So positive was the online response that we won Best Comedy Short! Audience awards are the best.

If you missed Episode 1 while it was online — fear not! We’ll be premiering the pilot in LA on Saturday, June 18th as part of our next festival appearance: New Filmmakers LA. Tickets will be available soon here:

We’ve been receiving some cool press lately, from the Bay Area Reporter (,_homings_in,_april_29-may_6,_2022 ) and Boss Rush Network ( ). We’ve also recorded an episode of the delightful podcast Queer Words ( ), coming soon.

And last, but not least…we film Episodes 4 - 6 at the end of this month! Can’t wait to share more of our adventures and dalliances with all you voyeurs.

Till next time, Openers.

Hey there Openers,

Extremely exciting news this April Fool’s + 2. First and foremost: we got into our first film festival! Wicked Queer: Boston’s LGBTQ+ Film Festival. That's right - we're premiering back home.

The pilot of OPEN TO IT, “Open to Threesomes,” will be the closing film in the Comedy Shorts program. As a result, tickets to watch Episode 1 ONLINE are available now through the end of the month. Secure your pass now! There’s also a link on the main page: Additionally, we have our first published interview about the show! It’s with one of my absolute favorite podcasts of all time, Sex Talk with my Mom. Click here to listen to me talk about sex, romance, and how I met the love of my life: Episode 399: Triple Kisses: Finally, and perhaps most excitingly: WE’RE SHOOTING THREE MORE EPISODES, BABY!!! That’s right, OPEN TO IT will be filming Episodes 4 - 6 at the end of May. We’re so excited and grateful to our star Executive Producer, Afrika Jonée, for her part in making it happen. Thanks so much for reading, y’all. Can’t wait to come at you with even more fun announcements next month. xoxoxo,

Cam & Greg

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