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Happy New Queer, Openers!

We know this newsletter is a week late, but that’s Queer People Time for you.

Here’s what’s been happening lately. I published an op-ed in the Gay & Lesbian review, about the spectrum of sexuality, and how people can surprisingly find themselves in the middle:

We also have first cuts of episodes 7 - 9 that we’re working on, to show you all later this year!

We’ve reached over 100k views on the trailer on Instagram and Twitter, and over 10k views on the show on Vimeo and YouTube.

I’m recording interviews with beloved sex and relationship podcasts Double Teamed and Multiamory later this month!

Last, some of you have been asking how to watch Episode 3, “Open to Break-Up Sex,” so here’s a direct link:

Please share! A portion of the proceeds go to the Trans Latina Coalition charity. And you know how much all of us here love giving…


Cam & Greg

Welcome, new subscribers!

This is our monthly OPEN TO IT newsletter, delivered on the third ;) of each month. And boy, do we have a lot of updates for you as we end this year.

We had several more wonderful screenings: TLVFest, The Tel Aviv LGBTQ+ Film Festival; Twisted Arts Tulsa; and Film Week San Diego.

Bigger news still - we filmed three more episodes! That’s right, Episodes 7 - 9, including a Christmas episode, will be coming later next year. The trailer for Episodes 1 - 6 has garnered over 90k views online, compared to 30k for Episodes 1 - 3, so I’m sure these new episodes will be eagerly anticipated, by the time they reach your screens.

Finally, we’ve had some lovely write-ups of the show lately, including the following:

That’s all for now, Openers. May your gays be merry and bright. And if you want to give the gift of telling your friends to watch the first three episodes of the show at - well, we’d have to show our gratitude…

Naughtily AND Nicely,

Cam & Greg


Keeping this one short and sweet. Episodes 1 - 3 are now available on the home page. Episodes 1 and 2 can be streamed for FREE! A portion of the proceeds from Episode 3 will go to the Trans Latin@ Coalition. Thank you for watching!

If you love it, share it with a friend, lover, sidepiece, or frenemy!


Cam & Greg

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