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Gaypril Updates

Howdy Openers,

Plenty of queer updates for you today! We screened the brand-new Episode 4 of Open to It, "Open to Voyeurism," at Wicked Queer: Boston's LGBTQ+ Film Festival, where we first debuted the series last year. You can watch Episode 4 this month only at:

We had so much fun screening Episode 1 at Planet Queer night at Akbar, that we went back to show Episode 2 last night! Hoping to return with more episodes soon. Fantastic local event all about weird cool experimental art:

My episode of Queer Words just debuted! A podcast all about LGBTQIA+ writers and their inspirations:

The LA premiere of Episode 4 will be at NewFilmmakers Los Angeles on Saturday, April 17. Expect that episode and more to drop later this year. We've finished editing 7 - 9, and so proud of how everything turned out - especially the Christmas episode.

Finally, the show has now hit over 250k views on YouTube. We're growing AND showing!


Cam & Greg

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