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March Zadness

It's a true ho-liday over here, Openers!

03/03 was the first time I showed Open to It Episodes 1 - 3 to friends and family. And so much has happened in a year.

For starters, I am thrilled to announce that I will be screening Episode 4, aka the first episode of TV I have ever directed, at Wicked Queer: Boston's LGBTQ+ Film Festival, where we debuted Episode 1, and won our first award, last year.

We will also be screening the first episode at a fun local event at our favorite local spot: Planet Queer night at Akbar, on Monday, 03/20.

Only a few more weeks until we have Episodes 7 - 9 fully edited! We'll be premiering those episodes later in the year, after Episodes 4 - 6.

Episodes 1 - 3 have now racked up over 50k views on YouTube and Vimeo! We're thriving across platforms.

Finally, we were invited to celebrate LGBTQIA+ people and performances at the Queerties this week. It was a joy to be included, and to honor our queer peers.

Till next month, our friends. Thank you for always being so supportive and kind.


Cam & Greg

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