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Amplify Matching (Pride Special)

-Surrogacy Consulting


b-Vibe (Episode 11, Pride Special)

-Sex Toys


Bottoms Up Movement (Episode 11)

-BUM Scrub


California Cryobank (Pride Special)

-Sperm Bank


Conniption Gin (Episode 9)

-Purple Gin

Friend of Dorothy UK (Pride Special)

-Men’s Supplements


Fuck Water (Episode 7, Episode 10)

-Personal Lubricant


Heliotrope SF (Pride Special)

-Skincare Products


"Late Bloomer Baby Boomer" by Steve Milliken - Available on Amazon (Episode 11)

-Comedic Autobiography


Montessori Academy West Adams (Pride Special)

-Pre-School & Filming Location


ONE Condoms - ONE Flex (Episode 11)

-Premium Condoms & Personal Lubricant


Penguin Random House LLC (Pride Special)

-Book Publisher


Popstar Labs (Episode 9)

-Men’s Supplements


Pure for Men - Stay Ready Fiber (Episode 11)

-Men’s Supplements


Scholastic Corporation (Pride Special)

-Book Publisher


Serv Vodka (Episode 5, Episode 6)

-Premium Vodka


SPUNK Lube (Episode 12)

-Personal Lubricant


Stacy King Wigs (Episode 11)

-Styled Wigs


SUKREW (Episode 11)

-Sexy Men’s Underwear & Swimwear


Sutil Lubricants (Episode 11)

-Personal Lubricant


Talero Tequila (Episode 5, Episode 6)

-Premium Tequila



-Personal Lubricant

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