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The Third Third

Hello, again, Openers

Apologies that this update is happening on the FOURTH. The first three episodes only focus on THIRDS. What was I thinking!? TBH, though, being late is part of gay culture, so if you get mad…it’s homophobic.

Some fun stuff happening with the show this month! We’ve written three more episodes and are exploring ways to bring them to life. More to come there.

I also did my first interview about the show! For the WeHo Times, a local West Hollywood publication. The article should be coming out during Pride Month, when we’ll have really special news to share about the show. I’ll also be doing my first podcast interview for the show next week with one of my favorite podcasts out there, Sex Talk With My Mom.

Finally, and very excitingly, we are all finished with film festival submissions! Now, we play the waiting game, to see where we got in. And again, if folx reject us…it’s homophobic.

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