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Happy Cinco de Guy-o!

And as for yesterday: may the fourths (or thirds) be with you

Incredibly exciting news this month! Wicked Queer was a smashing success. Childhood friends, reluctant family, and enthusiastic fans packed the Brattle Theater to watch the World Premiere of OPEN TO IT Episode 1: “Open to Threesomes.” So positive was the online response that we won Best Comedy Short! Audience awards are the best.

If you missed Episode 1 while it was online — fear not! We’ll be premiering the pilot in LA on Saturday, June 18th as part of our next festival appearance: New Filmmakers LA. Tickets will be available soon here:

We’ve been receiving some cool press lately, from the Bay Area Reporter (,_homings_in,_april_29-may_6,_2022 ) and Boss Rush Network ( ). We’ve also recorded an episode of the delightful podcast Queer Words ( ), coming soon.

And last, but not least…we film Episodes 4 - 6 at the end of this month! Can’t wait to share more of our adventures and dalliances with all you voyeurs.

Till next time, Openers.

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